Application Process

Application Deadlines

The ACPO reviews applications quarterly.  The next review is in July 2024. The deadline to have applications completed to be reviewed on this date is June 30th.


Chemist with test tubesA) Categories
There are three categories of membership available for the ACPO:

  1. Full Member of the ACPO
    These are individuals who have satisfied the formal requirements of the Association and are eligible to call themselves Chartered Chemists and to use the abbreviation C. Chem. after their names;
  1. Associate of the ACPO
    These are individuals who are working as chemists, or in chemistry-related fields, and are in the process of fulfilling the formal requirements for membership;
  1. Affiliate of the ACPO
    These are student members currently studying chemistry, biochemistry or chemical engineering in an accredited university program.

B) Qualifications/Requirements
Individuals who possess the following academic qualifications or training and experience may be admitted as members:

  1. An Honours undergraduate degree, or its equivalent from an accredited university program in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or the Chemical Sciences, plus two yearsof work experience acceptable to the Association. Post-graduate training will be credited as equivalent to work experience.
  1. Other academic qualifications, e.g. a three-year undergraduate degree with a major in Chemistry, extensive work experience (minimum 5 years), and a record of professional competence in the chemical field as evidenced by publications or patents.
  1. Individuals who have at least six years of acceptable experience in the chemical field, but who do not possess the above academic qualifications, may qualify for membership by passing the Graduate Record Examination®, Chemistry Section.
  1. In specials cases, the Board of Examiners may present individuals to the Council for consideration based on their exceptional contributions to the science of chemistry as recognized by their peers.

Schedule of Fees and Dues

Below is the fees and dues schedule effective for the current Membership Year.

ACPO Membership Application Fees (Canadian currency)

C. Chem. $120 (1,2)
Out of Province C. Chem. $120 (1,2)
Associate $120 (1,2)
Affiliate free

(1) Application fee is non-refundable and must accompany the application for registration. Incomplete forms may be returned and an additional fee charged to the applicant.
(2) The appeal’s fee to the Board of Examiners is the same as a new application but is refundable if the appeal succeeds.

ACPO Annual Membership Dues (Canadian currency)

C. Chem. $200
Out of Province C. Chem. $200
Associate $100
Affiliate free
Retired C. Chem. $45

Please note:
Membership dues are payable upon receipt of your invoice, which is issued annually. The dues are tax-deductible, subject to current tax laws in Canada.
Replacement Stamps and Certificates are available to Chartered Chemists at $60 each. All amounts mentioned in this document are expressed in Canadian currency.

Upon completing the online membership application, fees for annual membership dues (cheques or money orders), should be sent to the ACPO at:

18 King Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON M5C 1C4

Contact to inquire.