ACPO 2023 Membership Renewals Are Now Past Due

Thank you to all Members that have already logged in and paid your Membership dues.

The ACPO has launched an updated Member Portal in 2022, available here.

To sign in to your existing account you need to submit a password reset. Please use the email address that is on file with the ACPO. The password reset page is available here.

Please contact us if your email address is not found when you submit a password reset. We will update your email address on file so that you can reset your password and sign in. Please do not register another account unless you are a new member because the existing account has all your information (e.g. order history) already associated.

Once you sign in, please click the Pay Fees button to pay your annual dues. This is a new wizard that walks you through each step of the renewal.

Additional features for the member portal will be launching in the coming weeks; including printing of your membership card.

You will no longer receive an invoice to pay your dues. Your official tax receipt will be available immediately upon renewal.

Cheque payments are still permissible. Payment can be submitted to:

ACPO Office
18 King Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON M5C 1C4

Should you have any questions please contact the office.