International Year of Chemistry 2011

Int'l Year of Chemistry 2011
is the International Year of Chemistry (IYC).

IYC is a global celebration devoted to chemistry and its role in the well-being of society under the unifying theme "Chemistry — Our life, our future".

Through events at the local, provincial, national, and international levels, organizers hope to spark enthusiasm for this central science in all people of all ages.

Global Water Experiment

The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) is proud to be leading the Canadian initiative and all CIC members are encouraged to join in the celebrations in 2011 by holding events of their own or participating in the many events planned throughout the year.

IYC will be promoted in Canada through activities and programs such as a Canadian stamp, the publication of Canadian chemistry milestones, Science Rendezvous, YouTube contest, Chemistry Olympiads, National Chemistry Week, partnerships with developing countries and global experiments. We are hoping to reach over 500,000 Canadians in our outreach campaign.

To learn about IYC and how to get involved visit the Canadian IYC website hosted by CIC at

Canadian IYC Organizing Committee

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The IYC 2011 will be a year-long celebration in which anyone can participate. You can coordinate an activity, engage in a project, or simply share an idea. Join in now and become part of something special.
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About the CIC

The CIC is the national, not-for-profit technical association that unites chemistry, chemical engineering, and chemical technology professionals, from industry, academia, and government. It is the umbrella organization for the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE), and the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology (CSCT). Its mission is to advance the principles and practices of the chemical sciences and engineering for the betterment of society.