Schedule of Fees and Dues

Below is the fees and dues schedule effective for the current Membership Year.

ACPO Membership Application Fees (Canadian currency)

C. Chem.$90 (1,2)
Out of Province C. Chem.$90 (1,2)
Associate$90 (1,2)

(1) Application fee is non-refundable and must accompany the application for registration. Incomplete forms may be returned and an additional fee charged to the applicant.
(2) The appeal’s fee to the Board of Examiners is the same as a new application, but is refundable if the appeal succeeds.

The fees for membership application, together with a completed form, should be sent to the ACPO main office at:

1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801
Toronto, Ontario   CANADA
M5E 1W7

ACPO Annual Membership Dues (Canadian currency)

C. Chem.$150
Out of Province C. Chem.$150
Retired C. Chem.$45

Please note:

Membership dues are payable upon receipt of your invoice, which is issued annually. The dues are tax deductible, subject to current tax laws in Canada.

Replacement Stamps and Certificates are available to Chartered Chemists at $60 each. All amounts mentioned in this document are expressed in Canadian currency.

All cheques or money orders for annual membership dues should be sent to the ACPO at:

ACPO Payment Office
1119 Fennell Avenue East
P.O. Box 61515
Hamilton, Ontario  CANADA
L8T 5A1

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