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President’s Message

Terry Obal, Ph.D., C. Chem.
Terry Obal
Ph.D., MCIC, C. Chem.

The Association of the Chemical profession of Ontario, legally constituted in 1963 by a provincial Act, sets strict academic standards for its members and monitors their professional and ethical conduct. These members are Chartered Chemists, permitted to use the designation C. Chem. after their names.

The abbreviation C. Chem., on a business card or at the end of a report or letter, indicates that the chemist has met the exacting acceptance standards of the Association, and recognizes the responsibility of performing all chemical duties in accordance with the Association’s code of ethics, to safeguard the public, the employer, the chemist and fellow workers.

Employers are asked to encourage their eligible chemists, members of the Association, to use the C. Chem. designation on business cards and on letters and documents, to demonstrate that their company employs individuals of the highest academic, ethical and professional standards.

Terry Obal, Ph.D., MCIC, C. Chem.

Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario
Incorporated, 1963, under an Act of the Legislature of Ontario, Statutes of Ontario