About the ACPO

ACPO Objectives

The ACPO has set forth several vital objectives for the Association to stand by on all matters. They are as follows:

The objectives of the Association shall be:
  1. To make the profession of increasing service to industry and the public;
  2. To maintain high standards of competence, integrity and ethics within the profession;
  3. To develop further an appreciation of the profession among other professions, industries and the public;
  4. To improve the conditions under which members of the profession are working within the province;
  5. To promote among students a recognition of the importance of the study of chemistry and chemical engineering;
  6. To promote and increase the knowledge, skill, and proficiency of its members in all things relating to chemistry and chemical engineering;
  7. To improve the standards of excellence in research, investigation, education, and publicity as they pertain to the profession;
  8. To do any other thing that the Council reasonably considers will further its objectives.